Free resources for permaculture living and Homeschooling during these challenging times

Planet Schooling

During this planetary self-isolation or social distancing moment, we have been organising our resources for you! The resources are a compilation of our 30 years of permaculture experience. Our team has experience working in Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, USA, Haiti, China and Australia and with people from all around the world. Our team is dedicated to demonstrating that a greener world is possible and these resources reflect our vision. We would like to share them with you and better still, there’s more to come.

planet earthCare for the earth

During this moment of planetary confusion, many people have come to the same conclusion, Nature is sending us a message, a warning, it’s time for CHANGE.

We cannot keep using this blue planet as a dump for our trash, we can’t keep throwing plastic into the oceans, we can’t keep consuming forests to find metals, we can’t…

…the list could go on and on. Yet…

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Ds is Diana Matoso. Born an artist, licensed as a designer & a REcreator at 💜.

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