How to make beeswax wraps

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My love affair with bees started when some bees decided to come and live in my house. I let them be, just observing that I didn’t make any sudden movements close to the small entry and exit point of the hive.  Then I went travelling for 6 months forgetting that they were there. On return, a beautiful bee hive spanned the ceiling of my lounge room. We called our friend Rudy, who carefully persuaded the queen and her bees to switch to a conventional bee box. They started a new home and are happily producing honey.

This process resulted in five litres of honey and a lot of honeycomb that had to be removed from the ceiling. With so much honeycomb I decided to start making beeswax wraps that could be shared with my loved ones.


Beeswax Wraps

The beeswax wraps were introduced into my life by my daughter Laila…

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